2 August 2021

Why do I need to register .AU Domain Names?

Almost all businesses, companies, organizations, incorporated associations, political parties, trade unions, and individuals based and operate in Australia use Australian specific domain names such as,,,, and Because it is easy to remember as an Australian website name. Moreover, your website has a great chance to be listed as an Australian website in the Australian search results for Google, Yahoo and Bing and other search engines so that you will have potential customers who will come to your website directly through search engines to buy your products or services.

You can register Australian specific domain names including,,,,, and New Zealands specific domains including,,,,,,,

All Australian specific domain names ending with .au extensions can only be registered by companies, organisations or associations except for domain names. To be eligible to register an Australian domain name, you need to be a company, business, organisation, incorporated associations, clubs, sole traders that operates a legitimate business in Australia, and you must provide an ABN or ACN number when registering for .au domain names. The rules and regulation for .au domain names are set and governed by the Australian Domain Name Administrator (AUDA).

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