27 February 2022

Why is WordPress Maintenance is Important for Small Business Website?

We all know WordPress is the fastest growing content management systems available today. It is powering almost 30% of total websites available over the internet and making up 60% of all site which uses a content management system. Even the world’s leading companies are also using this powerful tool for their sites, like Snoop Dogg, Forbes, etc.

As the technology working behind WordPress and amazingly superb third-party integrations available are ever-evolving, but keeping the site up-to-date with regular updates and maintenance is utterly essential.

However, let’s find out why WordPress Maintenance is essential for a small business website.

1. Maintenance for all WordPress blog and website:


Nowadays every business owner understands the significance of having a website for business, but often they create it, launch it, and then never look at it again, and ignore website maintenance. However, it is essential for every site owner whether the site is a personal blog or WP based business site to keep their sites updated. The chances are that they can lose their valuable clients and traffic which impact business. With WordPress Site Maintenance updates, your site starts running smoothly.

2. Website Security


Website security is a major concern especially for small businesses and e-commerce sites where the personal details are stored, and online payments are made. No doubt, WordPress is becoming more popular day by day, and so the number of hackers is getting increased. They are targeting WP sites especially those who have not been updated.

They can breach into personal details of clients, so for small business owners who always want to maintain the site themselves with no proper knowledge are at high risk.

3. Enhanced user experience:


One of the most concerning topic for every business is customer retention. However, the point to ponder is how a business can retain and enhance its customer’s base? Well, along with the high-quality services and products the business can offer the customers great user experience on their website to motivate them to make a purchase. If you have an effectively updated website, then the visitors enjoy greater user experience.

4. Better page ranking:


According to the W3tech report, about 59.4% of the total market share has been enjoyed by WordPress and it’s because of the ease it offers. For the small business, the economy is everything. So when it comes to maintenance of the website one of the primary motivating factor is the better page ranking.

It is highly pertinent to find a team of professionals that can take care of the website’s security and updates. So, for the WordPress maintenance, you need people with strong programming skills. If you are considering that a web designer or an IT specialist would be able to handle the burden of maintaining the WordPress site, then you might be wrong.

5. Installing SSL for E-commerce site:


Why deal with all the stress and hassle with mumbo-jumbo that comes with installing an SSL certificate? If you don’t have to!
With SSL certificate installed on your site, you are improving your business credibility. It keeps the hackers away from your site and stops them from performing un-ethical actions.

Mostly newbies find it difficult to install SSL certificate for an e-commerce site, don’t worry, and let us help you. Our expert team help you at every step of installation and save you time.

6. Limiting admin login access:


You can limit login access with WP IP blocking plugin. Yes, it allows you to share your admin login to certain IP/Location. This can be done by installing IP block plugin which reduces load on a server. It also prevents malicious down/uploading.

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