28 February 2022

Why Social Media is Great for Local Businesses

Social media has become an integral part of our lives today. It is also important for local businesses. In fact, all businesses should use social media to help them achieve their sales goal. Whether you are a small business, startup, or a local business, social media could be exactly the key that you are looking for.

As a small business web design company, we know all of the best tips on how to make your business more successful in using website and social media to your advantage. Here you will learn exactly why social media is great for your business.

Increase Brand Awareness


One of the best ways that social media is good for businesses of all sizes is brand awareness. If you are just starting out, brand awareness is so important because this is what gets your brand recognized. When people recognize your brand, they will be more likely to purchase your products or services. You may think that people will only focus on connecting with brands that they know on social media, but an estimated 60% of users discover new products on social media especially on Instagram. Getting discovered can be much easier if you utilize social media to connect with potential customers.

Connect With Potential Customers


Another great thing that social media offers is a way to connect with and engage your customers. For instance, if you’re a restaurant you can have people tag you in their social media posts. This will create a conversation with their friends and if you offer a quality meal with excellent customer service, they will share this with their friends. Now, you instantly have more people who will come visit you just because of that one post. Does a customer have a complaint that they tagged you in on your social media page? Respond to it and figure out a reasonable solution. This will show them and other potential customers that you care about them. Social media makes connecting with customers easier than ever.

Building Your Own Community

Social media gives your brand a human touch. These days, people are not only looking for brands with great products but they also want brands that they can connect to on a human level. Post content that your fans will be interested in. Post pictures of your staff working in the office or even better, out in the community giving back. Show your company’s core values and others will take an interest in you. Put a picture to the name of the person out there representing your business. This is only a small example of how much social media can help your business and there are uncountable possibilities in using social media for your business success. So, don’t forget to include social media to be part of your online marketing strategies.

Start Creating Social Media for Your Business Today

It’s easy and free to create your business profile on different social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc. However, it can be very difficult for people to understand the best ways to setup and focus their social media accounts. As a Brisbane local small business web design and marketing expert, we can set these up for you and give you tips on how to maximize its potential.

Ready to get started?

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